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Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer

Car collisions can be complex, but truck accidents are even more complicated. Accidents involving large and heavy vehicles often have devastating and life-changing consequences. Many victims of truck accidents suffer severe injuries that become permanent disabilities which reduce their quality of life significantly. The financial burden on the victims can be very large. Having a Virginia truck accident lawyer fighting in your corner will ensure that the right parties are held liable for your damages. 

Attorney Drew Page understands the impact that a truck accident can have on the lives of the victims as well as their families. He knows the outcome of the case can have a significant impact on your life in the long term. He fights to recover maximum compensation from the responsible parties. Attorney Drew Page is a battle-tested litigator. He will fight to protect your rights and interests to the bitter end. He will even represent you at trial if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached during negotiations. 

Contact us today for a free strategy session with attorney Drew Page. Discuss the circumstances of your case with an experienced attorney and learn about your rights. Determine what options are available to you and how best to pursue compensation. 

Why Virginia Truck Accidents are More Complex 

Pursuing a truck accident claim can be very complicated. Truck accidents aren’t treated like other motor vehicle accidents. It can be more difficult to recover compensation for the following reasons. 

There are more parties involved 

The trucking industry is complex. There are many parties involved in the operation of any particular truck. Any of these parties may be held liable for the accident. However, because Virginia is an ‘at-fault’ state, you will need to provide evidence supporting your claim and showing the liability of the parties. 

A Virginia truck accident lawyer can help you identify the responsible parties and seek evidence to show liability. They will help you fight for full compensation from all liable parties. 

Injuries are often more severe 

Accidents involving large and heavy commercial vehicles often result in severe injuries. Serious injuries often take longer to recover from. Their treatments are also more expensive. Some truck accident victims suffer life-altering injuries. Because injuries are often more severe in truck accidents, large sums of money are at stake. Insurance companies will do all they can to avoid having to pay hefty sums as compensation. 

Different laws are applied 

The trucking industry is held to different standards than other motor vehicles. There are different federal and state laws that govern the operation of these vehicles. Trucking companies also have their own policies as commercial entities that have to be adhered to in filing a claim for compensation. Navigating these laws and requirements can be complicated. 

Complex insurance and cooperate structures 

Pursuing compensation in a truck accident can be further complicated by the complex and layered structures of the trucking company and the insurance companies involved. Not only do you need to negotiate with multiple parties with varying policies but also different insurance companies.

An experienced Virginia truck accident lawyer will help you navigate all these complexities and pursue your compensation on your behalf. Attorney Drew Page has extensive experience dealing with trucking companies, insurance companies, and other such parties. He will fight to recover full compensation and won’t settle for anything less. 

Who Can be Held Liable in a Virginia Truck Accident? 

Truck accidents are more complex than regular motor accidents. While the driver is typically held liable for a truck accident, there are many other parties that can also be held liable in these cases. These include: 

  • Employer 
  • Truck owner 
  • Repair or maintenance contractors 
  • The freight company 
  • Manufacturers of truck parts 

It is vital that you provide evidence to show how the parties are liable in your case. For example, employers may be held liable if the accident was the result of the driver driving while drowsy. Their employer may have required them to drive for long hours. An experienced attorney can help you gather evidence to prove this and hold the employer liable for your losses and damages. 

Reach Out to Attorney Drew Page for a Free Case Review With a Trusted Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer 

Truck accidents and tractor-trailer accidents often have devastating consequences. It is even more important to hold those responsible for the losses you have suffered responsible. Reach out to us today for a free case review with trusted Virginia truck accident lawyer Drew Page. He will provide you with a free case evaluation. You can determine your rights and options. You can also learn how Attorney Drew Page can assist you in recovering financial compensation for your losses. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Accident Cases in Virginia 

Who can I hold liable for damages in a truck accident? 

Truck accidents are complex because of the complex nature of the industry they operate in. There are many parties involved in the operation of trucks. There are several parties that may be held liable for a truck accident depending on the circumstances of the accident. These include the driver, the freight company, the trucking company, the truck owner, the mechanic as well as the manufacturer.

An experienced Virginia truck accident lawyer can help you identify all parties that ought to be held liable and seek to recover maximum compensation for damages.

How much does a truck accident lawyer cost? 

With so much at stake in a truck accident claim, many truck accident victims experience anxiety about the cost of hiring a truck accident lawyer. The good news is that many truck accident attorneys do not charge up front for their services. They work on a contingency fee basis. This means that if you don’t win they won’t get paid. Their payment is a percentage of what you recover as compensation. This means that you can hire an experienced and skilled attorney to defend you without worrying about the costs. 

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