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Virginia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Aggressive Virginia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Fighting to Protect the Rights of Pedestrians Injured in Accidents In Virginia Beach, Chesterfield County, Henrico County, and Throughout VA

Virginia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Crossing the street is something that you’ve probably done since you were a child. It’s something many of us don’t give much thought to. However, as a pedestrian, you are vulnerable to accidents. Pedestrian accidents, when they do occur, often have serious if not catastrophic consequences. This is because their bodies take the full impact of the collision. They are therefore likely to suffer more serious injuries than the occupants of a vehicle involved in a car accident. With so much at stake, it is important to have the representation of an experienced Virginia pedestrian accident lawyer right from the start. 

It isn’t uncommon for pedestrians injured in pedestrian accidents or their families to feel intimidated by insurance companies. Many do not pursue compensation for their injuries while others settle for less than what their claims are worth. Attorney Drew Page is committed to defending the rights of victims of pedestrian accidents. He has a track record of successfully securing significant verdicts or settlements on behalf of his clients. He will fight to recover full compensation and ensure that the parties responsible for your injuries are held accountable. 

Contact Drew Page and schedule a consultation to learn about your rights and options. 

Establishing Negligence in Pedestrian Accident Cases 

Attorney Drew Page is committed to fighting on behalf of pedestrians that have been injured in accidents caused by other road users. He has extensive experience in handling pedestrian accident cases. You can rely on his knowledge, skills, experience, and resources to secure the best outcome in your case. 

In order to help you obtain compensation for your damages, Attorney Page will work to establish and prove fault by showing negligence of the drivers. Attorney Drew Page will show that: 

  • The driver was operating their vehicle in a reckless or negligent way. For example, a driver will be considered reckless if they can be shown to have been speeding, distracted, intoxicated, or violating other traffic laws at the time of the accident. 
  • The driver’s negligence resulted in the accident 
  • The injuries you or your loved one suffered were a result of the accident. 

Comparative Negligence in Pedestrian Accidents in Virginia 

It is important to note that Virginia applies pure comparative negligence laws to personal injury cases. This means that if you are found to have contributed to the occurrence of the accident in any way, you will be denied compensation. For example, if it was established that you were 10 percent responsible for your pedestrian accident e.g. you were jaywalking, you will not be able to recover compensation for your damages even if the driver’s behavior was reckless. 

It is important to get a Virginia pedestrian accident lawyer involved right from the start. Contact Attorney Drew Page as soon as possible after your accident. He will review your case for free and get started with building a strong claim on your behalf as soon as possible. 

Damages You Can Recover in a Pedestrian Accident

Attorney Drew Page will fight to recover any and all damages that you are eligible to recover. He has successfully recovered damages in pedestrian accidents on behalf of victims. These damages include: 

  • Loss of income 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Past and future medical expenses 
  • Loss of companionship 
  • Loss of capacity to earn 
  • Emotional distress and more 

Attorney Drew Page will work with experts to determine the cause of your injuries as well as the extent of the impact of the accident on your life as well as that of your loved ones. He will gather the evidence necessary to prove your damages and maximize your recovery. 

Reach Out to Attorney Drew Page for Free Consultation with an Experienced Virginia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer 

Pedestrians involved in road accidents often come out the worse for wear. An accident can leave you traumatized and in a lot of pain. Attorney Drew Page is a skilled and experienced Virginia pedestrian accident lawyer. He has seen the devastation that pedestrian accidents can cause first-hand. He provides free consultation for victims of pedestrian accidents. You can have your questions answered and determine what your options are. 

Attorney Drew Page has the commitment, expertise, and experience to fight aggressively to defend your rights. He will work to ensure that you are rightly compensated. Contact Drew Page today and schedule your initial free consultation. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Pedestrian Accidents in Virginia

When are drivers in Virginia required to yield to pedestrians?

Traffic laws in Virginia may differ slightly depending on the particular jurisdiction. However, they generally require motorists to yield for pedestrians in the following circumstances:
— When pedestrians are crossing roads at crosswalks that are marked or at other points along a block
— When there is pedestrian traffic at a crossing located at the end of a block with lateral lines extending from the sidewalk
— When the motorist is approaching an intersection on a roadway with a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or below
— When the motorist is at an intersection where movement is under the control of a law enforcement officer
— When exiting a private road or roadway that intersects with the sidewalk such as a private driveway

Are pedestrians required to adhere to any rules?

There are laws and regulations that pedestrians are required to adhere to in order to avoid an accident. Pedestrians are for example required to walk on the sidewalk and not on the road. If there is no sidewalk present, pedestrians are required to stay on the far left side of the road or keep on the shoulder of the road. Pedestrians are also required to use crosswalks or intersections when crossing roads.

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, you should contact Drew Page and schedule a free consultation. Attorney Page will review your case for free and help you better understand your rights and the options available to you.

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